Part Two of Idries Shah’s “Learning How to Learn” – The Perils of Group Think

ONE: (1:42) How the people most anxious to find an outer teacher are usually the least able to recognize one. TWO: (3:26) Vernon Howard’s counsel on how to end confusion over who is telling you the Truth. THREE: (6:16) How the most advanced teacher may be invisible. FOUR: (7:42) How people physically present for spiritual studies may not really be there at all. FIVE: (10:42) How genuine study spiritual study programs today must always contain information on how to recognize and be free of manipulation and indoctrination. SIX: (10:42) Why spiritual teachings must always be projected anew. SEVEN: (14:37) Rumi speaks of the real man of God. EIGHT: (15:41) An unusual idea from Idries Shah on how to get maximum benefit from a book of exceptional value. 

#189: Zen Under the Gun (Book Review Podcast)

Enjoy a review of the book Zen Under the Gun. This book overflows with the power of wisdom amidst a society crumbling in turmoil. China in the 9th and 10th centuries was a degenerating society, overrun by warlords and fake spirituality. Yet, this did not hamper Zen! This podcast touches on the essence of pure perception and direct Knowing, and how these treasures can come alive in your daily life.  Listen now by clicking on the right arrow, or download:

Centering Back to the Supreme Source – A Treasury of Metaphors and Analogies

ONE: Pages discussed from De Salzmann’s book “The Reality of Being. TWO: The Sphere of your Being. THREE: Return to the Source at the center of the Sphere. FOUR: How to work through resistance. FIVE: Rise now to an entirely new level of gentle, intelligent application of potent inner life principles. SIX: How to be kind to yourself. See bookstore link to right to order Jeanne’s book.

#170: Jeanne de Salzmann’s Masterpiece: The Reality of Being

Imagine someone asking, “What three books would you take to a deserted island?”  Well, this book by Jeanne de Salzmann would have to be one of them for me.  There never again need be obscurity over what “the inner work” means and how to go about it in a highly intelligent and profitable way.  In this podcast, Tom and Fred focus particularly on Section 90 – “How do I listen.”  You can read this brief section here .  Enjoy!  (Tom)  

this brief section here

#161: A Liberating Look at Conditioning and Manipulation – “The Age of Manipulation” by Wilson Bryan Key

The information revealed here startles and upsets before it heals. Some three decades ago, Dr. Wilson Bryan Key wrote a dynamic series of books on media manipulation, subliminal advertising and control tactics. His books provide invaluable clues for the inner life scientist who wants to clear the mind and walk in real freedom amidst this insecure and aggressive society. Challenging, yes, but great relief abides in this recording. Enjoy, but listen at your own risk, or should I say, listen at the conditioned self’s risk.