How to Dissolve the Inner Critic and a Review of Jet Li’s Movie “Fearless”

The inner critic; what’s behind it? TWO: (4:17) Christ’s reference to the sword that brings, not peace at first, but clear cut understanding. THREE: (6:09) Why it is so important to be kind to yourself. FOUR: (7:32) Jet Li’s movie “Fearless” as a perfect “prodigal son” story. FIVE: (9:30) How spiritual classics refer often to the mind’s identification with skill, power and money, and the dreadful consequences. SIX: (10:58) The essence of true friendship. SEVEN: (12:01) The hero’s recovery and the spiritual symbolism of dragonflies. EIGHT: (16:20) The ideal attitude for expansive and swift learning. NINE: (17:58) How awakening is about the Universe expressing itself, and not about a separate “me.” TEN: (18:44) symbolism in the movie of dark forces and how they oppose the release of Light. 

#181: Christ and the Divine River – the 80/20 Principle Applied to the Inner Life

ONE: How doing less can be doing more – the 80/20 Principle. TWO: How the big aim of “enlightenment someday” can desensitize us. THREE: Society as a herd of “destinationist.” FOUR: Tom’s two favorite words. FIVE: Wisdom from the Bible, including “resist not evil.” SIX: The gentle touch of something different. SEVEN: Link to Tom’s article on “The Micro and Macro Orbits of Energy.” Read here.

#174: Opportunity and Caution – What Absolutely Must Be Known About Spiritual Groups

Discover how to make the most of group learning opportunities and discussions. What warning signs might appear that a given group has turned in a destructive direction? Receive crucial information for detecting both the opportunities and cautions.  Links mentioned in this podcast: Idries Shah’s Learning How to Learn and Jet Li’s movie Fearless.