Welcome to the “Time Out for Truth” Archives, with Tom Russell & F. Lacy


Below are twelve of the most listened to “Time Out for Truth” podcast episodes, produced from 2006 through 2012. The full list of 100+ podcast can be accessed from the bottom of the home page. You’ll find an immense treasure here, provided you take your time and don’t let “offended” reactions pull you away prematurely. It’s yours to enjoy. Welcome. (The watercolors at this website are by Ruth Rand.) To listen, click on the arrow on the left side of each black area.

How to Dissolve the Inner Critic and a Review of Jet Li’s Movie “Fearless”

The inner critic; what’s behind it? TWO: (4:17) Christ’s reference to the sword that brings, not peace at first, but clear cut understanding. THREE: (6:09) Why it is so important to be kind to yourself. FOUR: (7:32) Jet Li’s movie “Fearless” as a perfect “prodigal son” story. FIVE: (9:30) How spiritual classics refer often to the mind’s identification with skill, power and money, and the dreadful consequences. SIX: (10:58) The essence of true friendship. SEVEN: (12:01) The hero’s recovery and the spiritual symbolism of dragonflies. EIGHT: (16:20) The ideal attitude for expansive and swift learning. NINE: (17:58) How awakening is about the Universe expressing itself, and not about a separate “me.” TEN: (18:44) symbolism in the movie of dark forces and how they oppose the release of Light. 

Part Two of Idries Shah’s “Learning How to Learn” – The Perils of Group Think

ONE: (1:42) How the people most anxious to find an outer teacher are usually the least able to recognize one. TWO: (3:26) Vernon Howard’s counsel on how to end confusion over who is telling you the Truth. THREE: (6:16) How the most advanced teacher may be invisible. FOUR: (7:42) How people physically present for spiritual studies may not really be there at all. FIVE: (10:42) How genuine study spiritual study programs today must always contain information on how to recognize and be free of manipulation and indoctrination. SIX: (10:42) Why spiritual teachings must always be projected anew. SEVEN: (14:37) Rumi speaks of the real man of God. EIGHT: (15:41) An unusual idea from Idries Shah on how to get maximum benefit from a book of exceptional value. 

The Matrix — Life-Enriching Symbolism in this Classic Movie

Metaphor of world as a computer simulation and a connection to Shakespeare. TWO: (3:47) How the Matrix is threatened by even one person who wants to break free, and brands spiritual warriors as “terrorists.” THREE: (5:10) The main character’s shocking awakening to the fact of the Matrix and humans as battery cells. FOUR: (7:48) Unplugging from the energy zapping Matrix, with television as a prime example. FIVE: (8:55) The choice of the Red Pill of awakening, or the soothing Blue Pill of sleep and dreams. SIX: (10:44) How the Matrix and its attack robots want to discourage you before you see too much.  SEVEN: (12:07) How mistakes and failures are part of authentic development and the secret of starting fresh now! EIGHT: (14:52) Cypher and his sell-out to Agent Smith and the Matrix. NINE: (16:56) How to let Truth win over the Matrix. TEN: (19:05) The final scene of awakening and triumph.

J. Krishnamurti Dissolves the Order of the Star

1) How a balanced body can help lead to balanced Being. 2) How to cultivate your awareness of the circulation of life energy. 3) It’s the year 1929, and J. Krishnamurti stands before 3000 followers to dissolve The Order of the Star. 4) Parable of the devil who spots someone picking up a grain of truth. 5) An invaluable lesson from Gothic Cathedral architecture. 6) Connection to the Bible’s parable of the Prodigal Son. 7) The realistic need for a Lighthouse. 8) Read J. Krishnamurti’s talk dissolving the Order of the Star.