The Matrix — Life-Enriching Symbolism in this Classic Movie

Metaphor of world as a computer simulation and a connection to Shakespeare. TWO: (3:47) How the Matrix is threatened by even one person who wants to break free, and brands spiritual warriors as “terrorists.” THREE: (5:10) The main character’s shocking awakening to the fact of the Matrix and humans as battery cells. FOUR: (7:48) Unplugging from the energy zapping Matrix, with television as a prime example. FIVE: (8:55) The choice of the Red Pill of awakening, or the soothing Blue Pill of sleep and dreams. SIX: (10:44) How the Matrix and its attack robots want to discourage you before you see too much.  SEVEN: (12:07) How mistakes and failures are part of authentic development and the secret of starting fresh now! EIGHT: (14:52) Cypher and his sell-out to Agent Smith and the Matrix. NINE: (16:56) How to let Truth win over the Matrix. TEN: (19:05) The final scene of awakening and triumph.

Finding a True Teacher — How Great Teachings Get Distorted by Followers

This essential topic resonates deeply with every sincere lover of wisdom and spiritual vitality. With so many traps and possible missteps, what matters most in finding a true source of aid for inner transformation? Are things different in our modern times? What new knowledge exists today that might better match the needs of the modern day truth seeker?

#187: Modern Technology and the Spiritual Quest — Finding Productivity in a Sea of Escapism and Addiction

ONE: The Native Americans Indians, and their excellent example of simplicity and integrity. TWO: Modern times and the enormous challenge we all face in avoiding the avalanche of information overload. THREE: How can we use modern technology and its gadgetry in productive ways for the spiritual quest?  FOUR:  How sophisticated manipulators use attractive words to harness our attention. This podcast explores challenging themes that heal and liberate.

#175 – How to Unclutter the Mind from Unnatural Spiritual Ambitions

ONE:  Your invitation to Saturday, March 5th online class. TWO: The key transition from hunting Truth, to being hunted BY Truth. THREE: The possibilities of consciousness. FOUR:  How wrong struggle intensifies the world’s clever web. FIVE: Michael in New Zeland asks for a discussion on a Vernon Howard sentence about pretense. SIX: Finding a profession you naturally enjoy. SEVEN: How these principles are the gold standard for an enjoyable life.