Transcend the Daily Grind – Proven Modalities for Energetic Release and Stress-Free Living

ONE: How false comfort keeps us in familiar old habit patterns.  TWO: The grand secret of inner change – a willingness to “feel” wrong without BEING wrong.  THREE:  A look at how trying to be spiritual and “live in the present moment” can itself turn mechanical. FOUR: A discussion of these seven specific and proven modalities for release. FIVE: Links to modalities discussed in this podcast:

E. Alexander Technique (several resources on this page, including link to Fred’s video)

#156: A) Awareness in Movement as the Doorway to Silence B) Staying Sane while Employed in the Insane Corporate World

Starting with a powerful example from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Tom and Fred explore movement as a doorway to silence. Taoism, Acupuncture and Tai Chi mentioned as examples of this ancient and profound discovery.  The dialogue changes gears to discuss a powerful post on this website by Christine. See her post here. How does one stay sane and not whither inside while having to work in the corporate world? 

#130: The Time Out for Truth DIET — How to Eat Your Way Into Eternal Life

Tom and Fred delve deep into what is perhaps the most powerful spiritual awareness exercise on earth — Conscious Dining! With personal examples and good humor, this podcast overflows with practical ways to transform your life, and with the simplest of things! Learn tips in this podcast that will impact positively your relationships, your happiness and even your health.  Link to article mentioned at the end.

#110: Deep into Kinesthetic Awareness — The Gentle Rain of Spiritual Sparkles

The primary aim of awareness and a special sensing exercise. TWO: (5:22) Why battling stress and anxiety with the intellect is futile. THREE: (6:42) Author Vernon Howard defines awareness with crystal clarity. FOUR: (8:33) The constant rain of spiritual sparkles — Truth is everywhere! FIVE: (10:13) Mike in Reno, Nevada relates his encounter with a rigid fundamentalist. SIX: (12:59) The power of being alone. SEVEN: (14:42) Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? EIGHT: (17:27) John encounters a difficult family issue. NINE: (19:13) Principles of making good decisions. TEN: (21:42) Lots of new listeners! Navigation tips through 

Active Rest – The Most Effective Procedure Ever Developed to Release Stress and Tension

Why true relaxation is so rare and difficult in modern society. TWO: (4:07) An introduction to the active rest procedure and the man who discovered it, F.M. Alexander. THREE: (5:39) Fred begins with the active rest instructions. FOUR: (11:18) How to maintain healthy relaxation in the eyes. FIVE: (12:39) The value of having your own revitalizing neutral. SIX: (15:04) Fred extends and deepens the active rest instructions.  SEVEN: (19:04) How to notice the encroachment of old, familiar tension patterns. EIGHT: (23:40) How active rest charms you and provides its own crystal clear proof of value. NINE: (25:13) Link to written instructions (When you get to this web page for the written instructions, look for the words over toward the left, “Click Here to Start to Download”) You’ll have lots of helpful photographs, from Richard Brennan’s book The Alexander Technique Manual. TEN: (25:32) Meet F. M. Alexander.  ELEVEN: Enjoy this free online video by Time Out for Truth Podcast co-host F. Lacy, on the Alexander Technique.