The Language of Awakening, by Tom Russell

Concise silent internal speech nourishes a sacred instant link to what you already know. At some point in our spiritual quest, we come to see that advanced wisdom is simple and practical, and stirs within us while we conduct our simple daily activities of waiting at a traffic light, meeting people, answering emails, driving the car.

Dr. Robert Moore (pen name Redhawk), a poet and teacher of English, described The Language of Awakening as “one packed can of tuna.” And well it is, being a compilation of some of author Vernon Howard’s most penetrating statements of Truth, noted and saved by Tom while attending his classes over a 12 year period.

Take your time with what you’re about to read. The surprising power of NowFacts requires an easy touch. Enjoy the journey. Feel free to share with Friends. Subscribe to Stress Free Wisdom’s Book Review updates. You can communicate with the author if you wish using the “Contact Tom” link.

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Tom Russell
2014 – Arizona