Part Two of Idries Shah’s “Learning How to Learn” – The Perils of Group Think

ONE: (1:42) How the people most anxious to find an outer teacher are usually the least able to recognize one. TWO: (3:26) Vernon Howard’s counsel on how to end confusion over who is telling you the Truth. THREE: (6:16) How the most advanced teacher may be invisible. FOUR: (7:42) How people physically present for spiritual studies may not really be there at all. FIVE: (10:42) How genuine study spiritual study programs today must always contain information on how to recognize and be free of manipulation and indoctrination. SIX: (10:42) Why spiritual teachings must always be projected anew. SEVEN: (14:37) Rumi speaks of the real man of God. EIGHT: (15:41) An unusual idea from Idries Shah on how to get maximum benefit from a book of exceptional value. 

J. Krishnamurti Dissolves the Order of the Star

1) How a balanced body can help lead to balanced Being. 2) How to cultivate your awareness of the circulation of life energy. 3) It’s the year 1929, and J. Krishnamurti stands before 3000 followers to dissolve The Order of the Star. 4) Parable of the devil who spots someone picking up a grain of truth. 5) An invaluable lesson from Gothic Cathedral architecture. 6) Connection to the Bible’s parable of the Prodigal Son. 7) The realistic need for a Lighthouse. 8) Read J. Krishnamurti’s talk dissolving the Order of the Star.

#162: Perception Without Filters – An Invitation to Inquiry from J. Krishnamurti (This is a comprehensive five star podcast)

This podcast explores this inquiry by J. Krishnamurti, using several analogies and mental pictures for inspiration and clarity. Here’s the inquiry from Mr. Krishnamurti:  

“So we are asking how does it happen that the brain, which is so tremendously, eagerly and enthusiastically active, can naturally, easily, without any effort or suppression, be quiet? I’ll show it to you. As we said, during the day it is active endlessly, the moment you wake up, you look out of the window and say, ‘Oh, awful rain’, or, ‘It’s a marvellous, lovely morning, but too hot’. You have started. At that moment when you look out of the window not to say a word, not suppressing words, to realize that by saying, what a lovely morning, what horrible rain, this or that, the brain has started. But if you watch out of the window and not say a word, which doesn’t mean you suppress the word, just to observe without all the memory of the past, just to observe. Right?  

“So there you have the clue, there you have the key. To observe without the old brain responding. Therefore when the old brain doesn’t respond there is a quality of the new brain coming into being. Are you getting all this? You can observe the hills, the mountains, the river, the valleys, the shadows, the lovely trees, and the marvellous cloud full of light and glory beyond the mountains, to look at it without a word, without comparing. But it becomes much more difficult when you look at your neighbor, at your wife, your husband, another person. There you have already got the images established and it becomes much more difficult to observe your wife, your husband, your neighbour, your politician, your priest, or whatever it is, absolutely without an image. Just to observe, and you will see when you so observe, so clearly see, the action becomes extraordinary vital, therefore it becomes a complete action which is not carried over the next minute.” – (Saanen 7th Public Talk 30th July 1970)

#158: The Enlightened Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius — His Glistening Insights into the Higher World

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius demonstrated with great skill how to prosper in both the higher world of eternal wisdom, and daily life on earth. In this podcast Tom and Fred delve deep into his fascinating esoteric biography, and his inspiring book “Meditations.” Insights from the audience discussed in the second half, mainly concerning podcast #156 and how to live sanely in this insane world. Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

#105: Ancient Hermetica Part Three – Aliveness of the Universe and the Sacredness of Sex

The Unity of Awareness. TWO: (2:01) What does concentration really mean, and how is it misunderstood? THREE: (5:20) The Hermetica’s wisdom on procreation, followed by a discussion on sex. FOUR: (9:10) The Hermetica’s striking statement about death – How nothing ever dies. FIVE: (11:30) Why conditioned beliefs get offended at these revelations. SIX: (13:30) How the Heart is the gateway to eternal ideas, and life that never perishes. SEVEN: (16:02) The roots of the Bible’s Book of Genesis. EIGHT: (17:11) The Zodiac and the connection to the mechanical forces rampant on this earth. NINE: (19:54) The marvel of man and a reference to G.I. Gurdjieff’s 7 Levels of Man. TEN: (21:48) The New Birth as the upsurge of energy from the core, and the appearance of new self-command. ELEVEN: (24:02) The Hermetica reveals the useless of mental movement for revealing the Divine. TWELVE: (26:31) Insight on Christ’s words, “I and my Father are one.”