The Matrix — Life-Enriching Symbolism in this Classic Movie

Metaphor of world as a computer simulation and a connection to Shakespeare. TWO: (3:47) How the Matrix is threatened by even one person who wants to break free, and brands spiritual warriors as “terrorists.” THREE: (5:10) The main character’s shocking awakening to the fact of the Matrix and humans as battery cells. FOUR: (7:48) Unplugging from the energy zapping Matrix, with television as a prime example. FIVE: (8:55) The choice of the Red Pill of awakening, or the soothing Blue Pill of sleep and dreams. SIX: (10:44) How the Matrix and its attack robots want to discourage you before you see too much.  SEVEN: (12:07) How mistakes and failures are part of authentic development and the secret of starting fresh now! EIGHT: (14:52) Cypher and his sell-out to Agent Smith and the Matrix. NINE: (16:56) How to let Truth win over the Matrix. TEN: (19:05) The final scene of awakening and triumph.

#182: The Inner Life Meaning of Christmas – Reclaiming the New Testament for Esoteric Scientists

The New Testament overflows with transformative meaning, once understood from the inner life viewpoint. Tom and Fred delve deep into key lessons, including: 
1. The inner life meaning of leaven bread, and why it must be hidden away.
2.  The surprisingly rich insights from, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”
3. What does it mean, inwardly, when Christ walks on water? Why are the disciples afraid as he approaches?
4. What does it mean to “sell all you have,” in the parable of the man who finds a great pearl and wants to acquire it?
5. Christ says, “You can’t put new wine into old bottles.” What is the vital inner meaning?
6. The parable of the Good Samaritan – it means so much more than you were taught in Sunday School.
7. Christ speaks often of “sleep” and “awakening from sleep.” Why?
8. The New Birth and the actual meaning of Christmas, along with a special remembering exercise to practice.
* Check out Maurice Nicoll’s book The New Man mentioned in this podcast. 

#180: “I Don’t Know” — Your Gateway to the Inner Stars

ONE: Honoring the Source that calls you back Home. TWO: The Bible’s Manna from Heaven – receive truckloads of spiritual nutrition. THREE: How the inner domain flows in living vitality, and can never be bolted down. FOUR: The importance of setting something aside for awhile, and coming back to it later. FIVE: A new view of where GRATITUDE fits in on the spiritual quest. SIX: The dance of sparks within. SEVEN: Jeanne de Salzmann – “The question is not what to do, but how to see.” EIGHT: How “I don’t know” is the gateway to Understanding. NINE: Read sections 96,97 and 98 in The Reality of Being.

#179: Money and the Meaning of Life – A Liberating Discussion on a Sensitive Subject

Sparked by a question from Nina in San Francisco, Tom and Fred delve deep into the subject of money. Enjoy references and insights about money from Vernon Howard, J. Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, the New Testament and Jacob Needleman. Discover an ideal book for further study, that beautifully and practically connects money to inner development. Free yourself to think in a whole new way toward this vital subject.

#167: The Source of Living Truth — What Your Heart Hears that the Intellect can Never Hear

ONE: Knowing, not quoting. TWO: (2:15) The significance of listening and its different dimensions. THREE: (5:01) The reversal from intellect to Essence. FOUR: (9:00) The trap of procedures and rules. FIVE: (11:28) How the human mind craves props and beliefs. SIX: (15:07) How the real Bible is in the Living Truth flowing vertically from your sacred Center. SEVEN: (18:02) Unfolding a whole new understanding of “I”.  EIGHT:(20:35) Inner unity and the New Testament symbolism of marriage and the wedding feast.