#151: George Orwell’s Animal Farm — Find Pure Spiritual Delight in this Powerful Classic

With humor and loads of new insights, Tom and Fred delve deep into George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm. Discover how well the sophisticated brainwashing techniques employed today are clearly seen through and understood! Great relief is in this podcast for you — the relief of thinking for yourself! Read Animal Farm Online.

#89: The Human Shadow Part TWO — Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Read online here. ONE: Opening question from Dennis, “How do I know I’m living in the present, and not deceiving myself? TWO: (6:59) Introduction to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. THREE: (8:42) Enfield’s description of Mr. Hyde and the connection to the Human Shadow. FOUR: (10:20) Dr. Jekyll’s fundamental mistake – suppressing the shadow. FIVE: (14:03) What do we do? How can we heal the split inside? SIX: (17:15) Stevenson places a fabulous diamond of wisdom right out on the table for us. SEVEN: (18:35) The spiritual symbolism of the potion and its perfect connection to modern society’s escapism. EIGHT: (22:28) The shadow’s addiction to anguish and mental pain.

#79: Depression Unmasked — How It is Just a Clever Script in Search of Actors

ONE: (.30) The literary masterpiece Message to Garcia. TWO: (2:30) The balance between spirituality and capability. THREE: (3:48) What it means to take Truth to Heart. FOUR: (4:45) Barry’s question about stress and worry over loss of employment. FIVE: (8:18) How awareness is immensely practical, even in a job interview! SIX: (10:42) Connie’s question on depression, and how it is a script in search of actors. SEVEN: (17:05) The principle of expansion and how we’re too close to the thought self. EIGHT: (19:46) How the frightened little self has no power to block the new flow of happiness.

#65: The Power of Connections: Audience Insights on the Dracula Podcast Series

ONE: (.55) Avoiding the trap of obsession with evil. TWO: (1.35) Why it is crucial to transcend fragmentation and maintain your awareness of the Whole. THREE: (2.37) Evil defined as a misuse of originally pure energy. FOUR: (4:37) Karen’s insight into Dracula’s status as a Count, and not a King. FIVE: (5:37) How to read the Bible and great literature with receptivity to new interpretations. SIX: (7:58) Dale has insights into the world’s massive supply of energy drainers, plus the wisdom of doing a News Fast. SEVEN: (9:22) The powerful symbolism in the novel Dracula regarding sleepwalking. EIGHT: (10:48) How evil is powerless and must try to bring our life level down so we accept its suggestions and act on its behalf. NINE: (12:20) Why organizations will likely never tell you the whole story, but dilute the Truth to maintain their influence and popularity. TEN: (13:58) Dracula’s foremost fear – exposure! ELEVEN: (15:49) Spirituality as a life totally beyond this human level and abounding in love and happiness. TWELVE: (17:32) How the Light reveals dark pockets and how great you’ll feel as this lofty inner experience deepens.