#145: The Healing Power of Forgiveness – Q & A Before Break – Next Podcast October 17th

ONE: Happiness and wisdom flow from the foundation of forgiveness. From the esoteric viewpoint, what does it really mean to forgive, and how do you do it? TWO: Question on how to deal with a “know it all” spiritual friend, and another on what “The Great Work” wishes for all of us. THREE: We’re on break until Saturday, October 17th. Enjoy the archives! 

#142 – See Through Fear and Vernon Howard’s Classic “Walk Yourself Awake” Spiritual Exercise

ONE: A look at mass hypnosis and how fear gets generated over future events, for example, the 2012 Mayan Calendar “end of the world” drama. TWO: Special guest speaker on this podcast! Yes, hear Vernon Howard himself give his classic “Walk Yourself Awake” exercise. THREE: How to wisely spread spiritual seeds to receptive people, so you don’t get bitten!

#124: Dissolve Stress While Sleeping

Main Topics in this Podcast: ONE: (:45) Principles of sound, restful sleep explored in detail. TWO: (6:23) Stress and efficiency discussed from Dale’s question on information overload and modern society’s stress addictions. THREE: (13.04) This question from Andre: “We are told that we come from Consciousness. We are told we go back to Consciousness. We work very hard during this life to BECOME conscious. This begs the questions: Why? If we ARE Consciousness, but asleep to it while alive, why do we need to expend the effort to become conscious if that is what we intrinsically ARE?”  ** DOWNLOAD LINK THE GOSPEL OF LUKE (The topic for next week.)

#109: How to Use Ordinary Things in Life to Develop Inwardly – More Insights on Podcasts 107 & 108

Use your gifts and develop what you now have. TWO: (7:54) The power of conscious eating. THREE: (10:08) Linking your inherent faculties. FOUR: (11:22) A speech coach teaches a priceless lesson in self-observation. FIVE: (13:18) Ralph W. Emerson’s insight into knowing from yourself, instead of quoting. SIX: (15:58) Awareness of a person’s present, transient low level state without judging them for it. SEVEN: (18:55) The false “life” of labeling. EIGHT: (20:15) Audio comment from Peter in Germany and posting the SuperWisdom Dictionary. For your copy, click here.