This Website’s Heritage

Tom Russell hosts this website to nourish a shift toward openness to Truth and Wisdom in unexpected ways and places, nuggets of insight voiced and expressed outside the accepted domains of “spirituality.” This change of perception expands one’s understanding and appreciation of valuable inner life books and lectures. Without this vital shift, mechanical inclinations in the mind can turn a spiritual teaching into something static – a self-created dogma parroted without understanding.

The podcast archives at this website derive from a vast collaborative effort (2006 through 2012) between Tom Russell and F. Lacy. The “Time Out for Truth” podcast was hosted by the nonprofit SuperWisdom Foundation, and directed by Tom Russell. As the work progressed, it became increasingly clear that the advocacy of an independent spiritual search did not need an official organization to house and represent it. In 2014 SuperWisdom Foundation closed as a registered nonprofit organization; however, the spirit of the effort lives and expands through this Stress Free Wisdom website.

For twenty years Tom has owned and grown an independent insurance agency based in Arizona and serving several states. Over the years his work in the inner life field has led to over 200 radio and TV interviews and hundreds of speaking engagements. Tom studied personally with author Vernon Howard, and his Language of Awakening eBook (available on the home page) highlights many of the lessons cheerfully absorbed. Tom enjoys reading fiction and humor, listening to music and watching movies, and playing the flute and piano.

We have no agenda for you here, nor do we want you to think in a certain way, nor do we wish you to place anyone on a platform as your authority or teacher. Perhaps you have more inner resources than previously realized, ever-present when you awaken to them. Be a light unto yourself. This recording of a live presentation expands on this principle.